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10/6/15; 3:51:03 PM

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# New W3C Recommendations: DOM & XML

DOM Level 3 Core

With DOM Level 3 Core, software developers and script authors manipulate the content, structure and style of Web documents.

DOM Level 3 Load and Save

allows programs and scripts to load, serialize and filter document contents. Read the press release and visit the DOM home page.

Read the press release and visit the DOM home page.

XML Processing Model Requirements

The XML Processing Model and Language it outlines is an interoperable way for applications to describe the order in which processes should be applied to XML documents. Visit the XML home page.

xml:id Version 1.0

The XML Core Working Group has released the First Public Working Draft of xml:id Version 1.0. The specification introduces a predefined attribute name that can always be treated as an ID and hence can always be recognized. Comments are welcome. Visit the XML home page.

. ...more

Posted by Geoffrey Wirth on 4/11/04; 6:52:42 PM
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